In Vitro Fertilization

Have you and your partner decided to move forward with an In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle and want to do everything that you can to ensure success?

As you may already know, IVF can be a complex and stressful procedure. Once the cycle is underway, so much of the process is out of your control and in the hands of your Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE).

You and your partner might feel helpless and wish that there was more that you could do to ensure a successful outcome. At Balance Acupuncture and Natural Medicine we want you to play an active part in your IVF process.

As specialists in fertility acupuncture, we understand the complexity of the IVF procedure and work to enhance what your Reproductive Endocrinologist is doing at every stage of the process.

Acupuncture has been shown in research to:


  • Significantly improve IVF outcomes
  • Increase blood flow to the reproductive organs
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Lessen the side effects from medication

Join our Balance Fertility Treatment Program and we will help to guide you through the process and ease the way to a successful outcome.

Let's Work Together To Bring A New Child Into Your Life.

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