“In 2003 I had severe, debilitating fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue. I had lost almost all of my muscle mass and over 20 pounds. I was unable to dress myself or do the smallest task without assistance from my husband. I walked with a cane and was bent forward slightly at the waist. The medical doctors I consulted told me they could do nothing to help my condition, except help me to live with it. They said there was “no” cure.

When I was told about acupuncture I started immediate treatments and found great pain relief. After a year of following a treatment regimen prescribed by Mr. Taylor I had regained about 75% of my mobility, range of motion, and muscle mass. I had very little pain. I continued treatments approximately once a month for about six months and regained virtually all of my strength and mobility and was basically pain free.
I currently receive treatment on a “need” basis, which is once or twice a year if I have any muscle soreness or pain. There “is” a cure.” 

~ Carolyn Ketcher

“Scot is great! Last year I came to him for my recurring migraines. My prescription medications were offering little relief. After doing some online research about acupuncture, I set up an appointment with Scot. He explained the science behind acupuncture and developed a treatment regimen for me. I have been migraine free for 7 months. I definitely recommend Scot and Balance Acupuncture to anyone.” 

~ Laura Menczer

“Before I came to see Scot for acupuncture, I was in constant pain. I had a knee joint replacement and the result was that one leg was now a quarter of an inch longer than the other. This threw my whole body out of balance and I had a lot of hip and back pain. Over a series of treatments the pain was pretty much gone. I was also treated by Scot for menopausal symptoms. I had annoying hot flashes several times a day, and through the night which interrupted my sleep. Scot treated me with Oriental herbs and within two to three weeks the symptoms pretty much disappeared. I am very impressed with Scot’s knowledge, abilities, skills, and willingness to answer all of my questions. I do recommend Scot to anyone who may be in pain or have the kind of difficulties I was having. I only wish that I had seen Scot before I had the knee replacement. I am sure if I had, he would have helped me far better than the surgery has.” 

~ Rebeca Davis

“My name is Shellie Begin and I have a neuromuscular disease that has caused me significant pain emanating from continual spasms. In addition to that the disease causes profound weakness in both legs. I also have two herniated discs in my lower spine and nerve damage at the top of my spine – the herniated discs cause extreme pain in my lower spine, hips, and legs, and the nerve damage causes pain and weakness radiating down my arms to my hands. My spasms are frequent and painful and often they contort my body into painful positions. I have had this disease since 2000 and in that time nobody has been able to treat me in the manner that Scot does. With acupuncture a needle is inserted into a pressure point of a particular muscle – the result is a relaxed and pain free muscle. In a nutshell, he releases my pain with each appointment. Scot is a true healer. He is thorough and conscientious in everything he does. With each appointment Scot inquires about my current problems and will focus on those areas. I always leave feeling much better than when I came in. If you have issues like I have, and believe me I have many – I truly believe Scot can help you too.

Scot has been able to help me manage my pain in ways that no traditional doctor has. In fact, he was recommended by my primary care physician. After many attempts at other methods including medications, physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and massage therapy, acupuncture by Scot has provided the best results.”

~ Shellie Begin

“I am a 74 year old, (mostly) retired dentist. I have had cervical arthritis for the past 17 years and as a result have had moderate to severe all day headaches periodically every two weeks to two months.

I have tried many treatment methods during the past decade and a half without success. Six months ago I tried acupuncture administered by Scot Taylor and it has been successful; 80-90% of the pain is gone. The slight pain that I now have is easily managed with Advil and Tylenol.”

~ Joe Whitley, DDS

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