Are you tired of putting a band aid on your problems instead of addressing the root issues that are affecting your health?

Chinese medicine is an ancient system of healthcare that takes into account all of the biological systems of the body, mental attitudes, psychology and environment as well as how they interact with one another. This is what is commonly referred to as a holistic form of medicine.

The primary system of medicine in this country, known as allopathic medicine, is reductionist in nature. What that means is that it strives to dissect the body into smaller and smaller units. Pharmaceutical medicine aims to alter single molecules in order to cause shifts in physiology that can very quickly stabilize symptoms. Surgeons identify organs or tissues that are not functioning properly and repair or remove them from the body.

Although these methods are extremely effective for treating acute, life threatening health issues they do not take into account the complex communication that exists between the various systems of the body and can ultimately lead to a breakdown in communication followed by a loss of function. Many times the side effects of these treatments can be as bad or worse than the original symptom itself.

Chinese medicine believes that symptoms are merely the outward manifestation of deeper imbalances. At Balance Acupuncture and Natural Medicine we strive to identify and correct these imbalances in order to stimulate your body’s natural capacity to heal itself. This leads to healing on a much deeper level and can many times result in resolution of your health complaint far beyond what symptomatic care could ever do.